4 Reasons to Use a Medical Answering Service for Med Spas

COVID-19 has been difficult for people working in every industry in the world, and chances are that your medical spa is no exception.

Now more than ever, it’s essential that you and your med spa take advantage of all of the resources at your disposal to make sure you can find patients that need your services.

One of the biggest reasons why med spas struggle to turn a potential client into a patient is when they miss their call; when a potential customer calls, you have to be sure you take advantage of the chance to book them your services.

How can a phone service improve med spas?

Using a medical answering service will help ensure that you can convert all of the calls your company receives into new patients.

1. Inbound Callers are Essential

The most important thing to realize is that inbound callers are in a position to buy; new customers have no customer loyalty, so they aren’t going to take their time and wait for someone to call them back with their credit cards ready. You need to be ready to take their call when they place it so you can make the sale.

Here’s the problem – you don’t always have someone ready to take the call; your receptionists might be working with other clients in person, or the call might come in after hours.

That’s why having a live answering service is essential to converting inbound callers into clients; the answering services will answer the calls for you when no one else is available. Too many sales are lost when the phone isn’t answered.

And customers who receive a live answer right when they call are far more likely to buy than ones that are called back later in the day.

It’s also difficult to make the sale on a call back since many customers won’t leave a voicemail; quick answering is essential to get the client set up with an appointment.

2. Quick Call Answering

Having an answering service means you no longer have to worry about standing around the phone all day. The service will ensure that 100% of calls placed to your company are answered immediately; there is nothing more important than having the calls answered quickly.

Many sales professionals believe that calls need to be answered in 20 seconds or less to keep the customer ready and willing to make a purchase. And none of your customers will be put on hold; instead, they will be immediately answered by a professional who knows your industry and is trained in exactly what it takes to book a client for your company.

3. 24/7 Availability

lady on phoneOne of the biggest features with a telephone answering service is the fact that your calls can be answered 24/7 instead of only when your med spa is operating. This is a huge opportunity for you to get sales in your sleep.

You’ve likely come to work in the morning to discover a number of missed calls with no voicemails; too many customers want to be heard at the moment they call, and when no receptionist picks up, they look for their services elsewhere.

Answering live at any time of the day means more patients and more appointments.

4. Industry Experience

customer support using reachifyFinding a solid receptionist is hard enough, but it can be extremely difficult to find someone who is experienced in sales and knows exactly how to guide a new customer through the process of becoming a new client.

Answering services have the advantage of using trained sales professionals to make the appointments for you; you don’t need to worry about sales slipping through the cracks due to inexperience.

You and your staff will be free to run your practice while your virtual support is busy doing appointment scheduling; you won’t have to use your time trying to contact a patient or train a sales staff.

The answering service is completely customizable, so you can decide exactly what needs to be said to your potential clients.

Final Thoughts

HF treatmentNow is the time to tighten up your company and make sure you’re getting as many sales as possible. There’s no excuse to let phone calls go to voicemail; using a live call center to help your business is a quick way to convert calls to clients.

You won’t have to ask customers to be patient as you put them on hold; using an answering service, someone is always free to take the call and get your practice the business it needs.