Before Reachify decided to disrupt office communications, we had to start somewhere…

Here's Our Story

There was once a smart person who said, “Creating amazing user experiences doesn’t happen when you go out and try to find a problem. No. Creating a great product, service or offering happens when you have a problem—and then solve it.” Oh, wait. We said that.

Reachify holds this wisdom close to its proverbial heart.

And true to this spirit, we were indeed inspired by a problem we were facing as three physicians, and Reachify was the solution to that problem. The problem: we were frustrated by the fact that we weren’t able to communicate with our staff, clients and patients the way that we communicated with one another, quickly and easily.

After sharing our frustrations—and realizing they sounded eerily similar—we decided that we should create a communication platform that transformed what was once a compliance liability, into an asset.

We wanted to create something special that separated us from the competition.

We wanted to create a system that could unify our staff and create a memorable experience for patients.

Using our more than 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare space, we knew we were on to something.

Next, we found a killer team of experts and certified consultants to help us get started turning those problems into a solution. Fast forward to 2016, and enter Reachify: a full-fledged company based in sunny San Diego, Calif., building the next generation of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) platform.

Our vision was to build a living, learning, self-optimizing communication platform that empowers business owners to build great customer experiences, all while improving the way their office operates.

We'd Like To Introduce Ourselves.

Ryan at Reachify Ryan at Reachify


Lead Engineer

A recent graduate from University of California, San Diego, Ryan is our resident Californian who loves to hack around with hardware and products. Ryan builds features for our app ...and is the office fashion expert. He is also in the running for the “Best Looking Man in the World”.

Aaron at Reachify Aaron at Reachify


IT Manager

Quite possibly the most interesting man in the world, Aaron is the only other true Californian in the office. He’s an absolute IT stud and is the head of our Customer Success team. Aaron is a true swiss-army knife; he can navigate firewalls, fix cars, mend a broken heart, and find your lost dog.

Scott at Reachify Scott at Reachify


Creative Director

Scott is in charge of creating designs to delight the user and drive business goals. With over 10 years of graphic / web design experience, Scott is a proponent of pushing brands to the next level. When he's not making beautiful pixels, you can find him camping, dirt biking or on the water.

Vish at Reachify Vish at Reachify


Co-Founder, Advisor

A radiologist turned full-time businessman, Vish is also the CEO of a teleradiology company, owner of Revive Med Spa, and SkinSolutions.MD. When Vish isn't taking companies to the top, he's spending time with his wife and kids.

Erik at Reachify Erik at Reachify


Co-Founder, Advisor

Born and raised in New York City, Erik relocated to San Diego for his orthopaedic fellowship and is now apart of one of San Diego's premier orthopaedic groups. A lover of comics and movies, you can find Erik at Comic-Con annually, or the movie theater when he's not in the office or operating room.

Rich at Reachify Rich at Reachify


Co-Founder, Advisor

Another Northeastern boy, Rich hails from Boston, Mass. and is a facial plastic surgeon by day, and an incredible cook who can host some killer dinner parties by night. Rich helps conceptualize new features for Reachify and the future of our platform.

Alex Bard at Reachify Alex Bard at Reachify

Alex Bard


Alex Bard is a passionate, driven entrepreneur and has been part of the founding team of four internet software start ups including eShare Technologies, eAssist Global Solutions, Goowy Media, and Assistly. Assistly was acquired by in September of 2011. In 2012 Assistly was relaunched as and Alex is the current SVP & GM of Service Cloud & Alex also currently resides as the CEO of Campaign Monitor.

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