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1. Why should I switch to a hosted VoIP system?

Traditional PBX systems often require on-site maintenance that can be costly and only get worse as your company grows. Additionally, if your PBX system goes down, your entire company’s communication system fails. With a hosted cloud-based system all the maintenance and network monitoring is done by Reachify. Also, we have multiple hosting data centers that allows for multiple fail-over redundancies, so even if one fails: you won’t notice a thing.

2. Am I signing a contract?

We offer month-to-month pricing with no contract and you may cancel at any time. However, we think you’ll love Reachify so much that we also offer annual pricing plans at discounted rates.

4. Can I use Reachify for international calls?

You can place international calls using Reachify.

5. What happens to my current phone service?

Reachify will become your total phone company. We can install new, pre-provisioned VoIP SIP phones, or you may keep your current VoIP SIP phones if you’d like.

6. What if I don’t want the phone service?

You have the option of not including the business phone component as a part of Reachify. However, to maximize functionality we recommend using the business phone system.

7. How is this different than my CRM?

While we have many features that act like a CRM, we place a larger focus on your internal team communication and customer interactions. In some cases, Reachify integrates with your CRM platform to help you get the best out of both platforms.

8. How is my messaging secure?

Reachify allows you to secure any message you may be sending internally or externally. The messages are encrypted both in transit, and at rest. If a message is encrypted, the receiver will be given a key to unlock the message so that only they may have access.

9. Who installs the platform?

The Reachify implementation team can configure and install your VoIP system. If your company has an IT team you work with and trust, we can also partner with them.

10. During implementation, will there be any disruption in my current phone service?

Reachify aims to not to disrupt any of your business activities. In order to do so, we provision your phones from our offices and typically switch your service over during a time that is outside of normal business hours.

11. Can I use my current business number(s)?

Generally, we are able to port or transfer most of our customers’ phone numbers whether they are toll-free numbers or local area code numbers. It is very rare for us to encounter a particular phone number that cannot be ported to our cloud-based VoIP phone system.

12. Do you offer technical training?

Yes. Reachify offers technical training and on-going support, so your staff can utilize the platform to its full ability. Whatever your training needs are, we will be sure to address them and get you up and running.

13. Would our phones still work if we lost power or were in a natural disaster?

Yes, because your phone system is hosted in the cloud with multiple data centers, you will still be able to make and accept calls. Your desk phones will likely be down, but you will still be able to operate normally from your mobile devices.

14. How long does the implementation process take?

The implementation process will depend on the size of your office and the quality of your network, but we like to keep it below a month—at the very least.

15. Does Reachify offer service in my area?

Currently, Reachify offers service to the Southern California region. We will soon offer nationwide service. If you’re a potential customer who wants to be notified when we are available in other markets, please request a Demo and notify our team that you are outside of Southern California.

16. How does Reachify interact with my current fax machine and landline fax numbers?

Our platform works with your current fax machine and fax number. We also offer digital fax options if you’re business is interested in getting away from traditional fax systems.

17. Which platforms and browsers does the Reachify app run on?

Reachify operates on Mac and Windows desktops as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

18. What type of network equipment do I need to have?

In general, you will need a router / firewall, PoE or ethernet switch, and a solid internet connection. The setup and configuration is designed to be plug-and-play with automatic provisioning, ready to be used within minutes.

19. Does everyone in my company need an account?

No, not everybody needs an account. Although we do recommend that all employees have access to Reachify.

20. What compliance certifications does Reachify have?

We are currently HIPAA-compliant and working on several more certifications. Reachify is also qualified for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

21. Is our customer data backed up and secure?

Your customer data is backed-up and secure. Our cloud platform provides multiple fail-over redundancies, too.

22. Can I enable my landline phone number to text message with Reachify?

Yes, your landline will be enabled to receive text messages.

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