You Deserve Simple and Secure Communication

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Simplicity You Trust

You Understand The Features, But The Benefits Are What Set Reachify's Features Apart.

Advanced Multi-Channel Retrievability

Never dig through multiple inboxes again. All your info, all in one place, no matter which channel.

Presence Settings

Easily change your availability status so your team members know how, and when, to reach-out to you.

Lifecycle Status

Open and close conversations so you know the status of important issues.

Conversational Labeling

Label conversations, for easy retrieval, based on subject matter.

Issue Escalation Prioritizing

Assign issues to team members within your office.

Manage Subscribers

Easily manage who has access to issues, based on need and your permission settings.

Preference Routing

Route issues based on priority; high, low or later-gator.

Contact Blocking

Block contacts so you don’t have to worry about unwanted communications.

Customize Contacts by Type

Customize your contacts by team members, vendors, or however else you see fit.

Create Customizable Groupings

Make and organize groups within your contact types.

Contact History

Never lose prior information within a contact.

Contextual Contact Information

Have actionable insight into a contact, whether that be their history with your business, resolutions to prior complaints or unresolved issues still in the queue.

Import and Sync Contacts

Sync from multiple accounts and external sources, for quick-and-easy contact import. *Currently supports Gmail and O365.

Push Notifications

Notifications pushed right to your dashboard—batteries not needed.

Choose Your Notification Tones

Customize how your alert sounds: zip, zap, zing—you got it.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when text and phone just aren’t cutting it.

Priority Filtering

Filter notifications by the priority of the communication.

After-Hours Settings

Customize how you’re notified after your office closes for the day.

Chat groups

Create groups that have common interests or share specific goals.

Private Messaging

Share private notes and information.


Never worry about compromising your office, your patient’s security or their PHI (protected health information).

File Sharing

Send and receive files big or small—we got this.

Simple Retrievability

Easily retrieve information with quick-search capability.

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover insights using HIPAA-compliant practice activity logs and discover your business' performance metrics.

Automated Billing Activity and Reporting

Take the hassle out of your billing processes all while gaining insight into your billing departments’ functionality—cha-ching.

Individual and Staff-Level Analytics

Review individual response times and uncover performance data insights of office members.

Complete Communication History Logs

Never lose valuable information, we tuck it away for you, safe, sound and encrypted. Because we care.

No-Hassle Setup

Reachify just says 'no' to messy wiring and hardware to manage or install—we don’t like wire-wrangling, and neither do you.

Virtual Receptionist

Take control of your IVR menu with a visual dashboard (visual IVR configuration) that has drag-and-drop control. Plus, you can customize your on-hold music for your office.

Buy, Port and Forward Local and Toll-Free Numbers

Keep your old phone numbers or create a new one, we can get that going for you, fast and simple.

Manage Multiple Office Locations

Enjoy the ease of managing separate office communication locations under one roof.

Manage by Department

Separate communications by department within your offices for custom management.

Access Control and Roles

Ensure only certain people have access to the info you want by establishing roles and access permissions.

Smart On-Call Scheduling *for medical practices

Drag-and-drop on-call scheduling that intelligently routes after-hours communications based on who is on-call, or which team members are on-call.

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