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Reachify is truly the only medical communications platform that gives you the freedom to communicate and collaborate in powerful ways. Ways that were previously reserved for non-regulated spaces. But we’ve set out to change that. Starting today, place all your communications into one, unified and secure place, and start communicating in ways you never dreamt possible.

Reachify Healthcare
Reachify Healthcare

One unified communications hub

Put all your communications across all channels into one customizable, beautifully designed hub. Save time where you once wasted it searching for patient info across multiple channels and, instead, let your internal and external communications feel smooth, simple and cohesive with Reachify for Healthcare.

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Secure messaging for healthcare

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you and your practice could send secure, encrypted text messages to patients and staff, just like you text your friends and family? The wait is over. Whether its appointment reminders, event notes, or just a friendly hello, you’ll get the freedom to SMS text your patients and coworkers, plus peace-of-mind knowing it’s secure and, most importantly: HIPAA-compliant.

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Collaborative workspaces

Reachify provides dedicated tools to help your team work better together. From resolving patient issues, to passing notes to stakeholders, or even sending important files—you’ll have the ability to accomplish new feats and collaborate as a team like never before.

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On-call scheduling and intelligent after-hours call routing

One of the biggest pain points for those in the healthcare space is on-call scheduling and after- hours forwarding. We get it. That’s why we crafted drag and drop on-call scheduling and intelligent after-hours call routing. Now, you just set your schedule and Reachify will intelligently route your forwarding system based on your preferences.

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Anywhere, anyhow, anyplace

At the hospital, in the office, or in the gym with Reachify Healthcare’s cloud-platform you have the ability to take your practice with you wherever you are, and on any device. Now that’s freedom.

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5 star practice. 5 star reviews

With Reachify you’re able to create better, more memorable patient experiences that leave patients saying “Wow!” Happier patients leave 5 star reviews. 5 star reviews build a better business – everybody simply wins.

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Why should you Reachify?

Reachify is the only communication platform that was built by doctors—for doctors!


"We created Reachify with the original idea that the healthcare space needed a better communications platform that was simple to use, yet extremely powerful—all while supporting the strict demands of the healthcare space."

Erik Stark | Co-Founder & Orthopaedic Surgeon

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