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How We Help Your Spa

Capture More Revenue

Every phone call is potential revenue for your medical spa. On every missed call, a text message can be sent to the phone number to begin a text message conversation to save the customer.

Align Staff

Encourage collaboration and streamline communication across the the office by enabling teams to message each other directly or in a group.

Attract More Customers

Customers are able to contact you through text or phone, while Reachify ensures members across care teams stay informed on each conversation.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Give customers what they want. Respond quickly to requests and always have the appropriate information available to have meaningful conversations.

What We Can Do


On every missed call, send a text message to the phone number to begin a text message conversation for the ultimate customer experience.

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Text Messaging

Reachify makes two-way texting simple and effective by allowing you to send text messages from your business phone number no matter where you are.

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Our robust cloud-based VoIP phone service is seamlessly connected to Reachify and allows you to take calls anywhere you are.

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Team Chat

Collaborate with your team and coordinate with ease using Reachify’s intuitive platform for intra-office communication.

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Secure Messaging

Send and receive secure HIPAA compliant messages right from Reachify with military-grade encryption for peace-of-mind.

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Spot practice trends fast with Reachify call and message analytics. See how your customers are being served across all channels, and learn how your staff is performing against expectations.

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Learn How Reachify Increased Revive's Monthly Revenue by $12k+

Revive is in the top 0.01% of medical spas in the nation and is recognized for innovation and professional excellence.

“We’ve seen amazing results with Reachify. … the operations are much smoother, and the morale is definitely high. I don’t know what I did before having Reacihfy.”

-Christina Contizano, Manager, Revive Spa and Salon

Even with 2-8 spa coordinators, many calls were going unanswered, resulting in substantial lost revenue. Revive used Reachify to enable missed call automation. After only one month, they identified 227 missed callers, engaged in 52 extra conversations, and closed 27 bookings that they likely wouldn’t have had without Reachify.


more hot leads generated


more conversions made


additional monthly revenue generated

Business text messaging using your existing landline

Reach your customers faster and on the medium they prefer and have real conversations that build relationships. With Reachify’s two-way secure text messaging you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using your existing landline phone number. Lower call volumes, attract more customers, improve retention and better engage with your customers.

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Speed up communication.

Reach More Customers Faster

We make it as simple as possible to send and receive text messages with your customers, assign text messages to team members, and help you expand your business even further with more reach.  

Make it more memorable.

Personalize Your Communication

Increase engagement by utilizing a platform customers use every day. An Emoji keyboard and MMS messaging allow you to engage in conversational texting – boosting loyalty and improving customer retention.

Know the past.

Messaging history

Integration with your existing business management software ensures you know instantly which of your existing customers is contacting you or if the message is coming for a potential new customer. Our centralized customer communication history ensures you can see all past communication with each customer.  

Stay safe.

Communicate with Customers Securely

Our secure messaging capabilities allows you to safely share data of any kind – financial information, lab results, diagnoses and more. All accessed from any device.

Connect Better With Your Customers

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What People Think

"Reachify has allowed me to give my guests a red carpet experience, whether in person or over the phone. It's helped us become one of the top Med Spas in the nation."

Vishal VermaCEO - Revive Salon & Spa

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