Focus on the Food, Not Phone Calls

Reachify’s automation intelligently routes restaurant phone calls to online actions. Get more online orders, spend less time on the phone, and reduce the burden on staff from phone calls.

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How It Works

       Find out what your customers will experience in 3 simple steps.

1. Your customer calls your restaurant.

2. An automated menu greets them and offers them several options to get what they need. They select an option.

3. The guest receives an SMS message directing them to a URL where they can easily find what they need.

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What You Can Do

We developed our platform to help restaurants solve customer communication and capture otherwise lost revenue.


Automatically send text messages for online ordering, driving directions, promotions, menus, hours of operation and more through your self-serve phone menu.


Every missed call is a potentially lost customer. Send text messages automatically on missed calls to keep those customers and help them feel wanted.


Track phone calls, missed calls, text messages sent and more easily with our newly redesigned analytics system. Find out what your customers want and when they call!

Proven Results

Here’s a small taste of what we help achieve for restaurants


I wanted my team to focus on food quality and production, not order taking. Reachify provides an easy and simple way to guide callers to online ordering, leading to improved production, wait times, and food quality.


Reachify is helping me communicate with potential clients who don't want to play phone tag or fill out an online form to request information. People who are looking for ease of scheduling and on-demand service are part of my target market, so this is great.


It is saving me at least 2 hours a day. Orders are more accurate now since 95% of them are placed online now. Online orders went up 50%. It is a more efficient business now.


It's cut down about 40% of the calls. Instead of having 5 hostesses answering the phones on a Friday night, now I only need two or three. That's two less employees that I have to have doing that. So that frees up my hosts.


We hate answering the phone, and quite frankly, don't have time to. ... That's 1-2 hours of horrendous phone calls I don't have to be a part of! And ... revenue that is being generated because those callers are customers who can click the link.


It works. It is working, and we're learning. It is a way that we can stay open. We think it's great.


Our online ordering has increased 10-15% and our call volume decreased the same. This gives us more time to get orders out without interruption. ... It has been a very positive change for us. We are happy with the product and the service.


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