4 Reasons to Use an Optometry Phone System for Patients

Your business likely sees more patients than you can easily remember. On top of it all, as an optometrist, you’re also likely looking for new patients, billing old patients, and finding ways to optimize your system of seeing current patients.

It’s a lot to juggle on your own or even with a team of people helping you; luckily, technology has advanced quickly and made it far easier for you to manage your clients through advanced phone systems.

Why should you use an optometry phone system?

You can send patients text messages, retrieve important information on patients through the phone systems, place texts or call patients automatically, find more patient records, and utilize data better, and more:

1. Using Text Messages to Communicate

Having an advanced phone system lets you send text messages directly and even automatically to patients. Many offices have already turned to use text messages to ask patients if they will attend appointments, but text messaging offers a great solution.

Patient communication through advanced phone systems lets you get messages from your patients, so you can confirm their attendance and request information. It can also be used to request reviews, surveys, and to check up on patients after a visit.

2. Retrieving Patient Information

automated message linkMany optometry offices have already transitioned from keeping client information on paper to having information be cloud-based. Having information online can help you pull it up quickly, but building it into an advanced phone system makes it far easier to handle.

You can have essential client information pop up right on your computer when placing calls, so you’ll never forget what you need to ask your client or what you need to schedule.

You can pull up their medical history, their record of appointments, and exactly when they should schedule a time to come in again.

3. Automating Your Schedule

appointment confirmation SMSArguably the most important thing you have to handle as an optometrist is your scheduling. You need to find a way to fill your day with client visits without getting overwhelmed, and you need to make sure your clients fulfill their appointments. Relying on your staff to do scheduling can be a huge expense.

With an optometry phone system for patients, your system can make calls and texts on your behalf automatically to confirm and even schedule appointments for your clients. All the information is in the system, so the appointments can be created automatically, and you can even set up the system to let you know when these appointments are confirmed.

Automating a huge part of your work means your staff will have more time to work with patients in person and you’ll have more time to treat your patients.

4. Combining Texts and Calls with Emails

optometrist using phoneIt’s important that you use all means of communication to talk to your clients, because not everyone still answers their phones with numbers they don’t recognize.

You can send texts and calls to a client, but don’t neglect to send emails; it’s a great way to market your business while being less intrusive than calls or texts.

Emails should be used when you have the information you want to send your client that doesn’t need to be read right now; send information that isn’t time-sensitive over email, like marketing and discounts.

Final Thoughts

Having a cloud-based software managing your phone system for your optometry practices will help you take care of your clients better. It will be easier to practice your work when your clients are managed automatically; you’ll have far less to stress out about.

This medical software will help you automatically manage texts, calls, and emails, schedule your appointments, and have instant access to client information.

Learning new systems is easy even though it sounds time-consuming; it’s worth the investment into your practices.