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Are you using text as a marketing strategy for your business? If not, you are being left out. Statistics show that although 54% of consumers receive text marketing, only 11% of businesses make use of this tool. Choosing the proper text marketing service for your med spa is a very effective way to reach your customers.

With text, you can easily market your services to your spa customers and remain ahead of the game. With one text blast, a spa can reach all its customers at one go. This way, your medical spa can increase interaction, improve feedback, and show appreciation to your customers.

Reasons you Need Text Marketing for your Med Spa

With this information, wouldn’t you like to blow your spas competition out of the way with text marketing? Continue on to find out why spa marketing using text is the best way to get your med spa to the next level.

1. Mobile Appointment Reminders

SMS appointment confirmEvery business uses appointment reminders for its clients. More so a med spa. With a text message, a spa can send multiple reminders to its clients at once. This is one of the reasons a strategy that uses text message is critical to include in your marketing plan.

Can you imagine using any other method to send multiple reminders other than a text message? You would use too many resources.

So how do you get started? Start by using a text template so that you can easily change the date, name, and time. Also, you can choose to send a generic message to clients who have appointments for that day. This is a great way to reach multiple clients at once. See how easy it is?

2. Mobile texting is a direct way to reach clients

Every business would like to contact their clients directly. Although there are many modern methods to contact people like social media or email, few come close to texting. Statistically, people may not appreciate a phone call for marketing or reminders. Also, calls may not be effective when reaching many people at once. That leaves texting as the most effective way to reach clients.

For spa owners, a text message is very useful when reaching individuals. In fact, with modern software, a spa can tailor a message to a certain target audience. For instance, a business can send a generic message for general marketing, and another message to target its customers.

With texting, targeting audiences is easy, unlike email or a call. Similarly, custom texting services have favorable rates making them pocket friendly for businesses. Therefore, of all the marketing tools and channels, text is the smartest way to reach customers.

3. Conversion rate

Before choosing a marketing service, you have to know its conversion rate. How likely are customers likely to receive your message? This means before sending the email, ask yourself what the likelihood of people reading it is.

Statistics show that the email opening rate is between 20% to 30%. On the other hand, with SMS marketing, you’re likely to have consumers read your message 98% of the time.

Also, text messages are not seen as invasive by customers. This means they are more likely to read and engage more. With this text marketing strategy, your clickthrough and conversion rates are bound to increase.

4. Mobile Advertising and Marketing

When it comes to promotions, few can beat text messages for bringing new customers. Also, with SMS software, you can target customers with different advertising and promotions. For example, you can use specific offers for previous customers, and general offers for new customers.

5. SMS Discount Offers

SMS discount codeMobile text messages can be used to send to clients that have not used your spa service for a while. A polite reminder and a discount through text messages can be an incentive to lure previous clients back to your spa.

With mobile spa marketing, a business is spoilt for choice in terms of advertisement. You can bring in first-time clients, reward loyalty, offer special rates, make your brand stand out, and many more.

6. Mobile Texts are Available Anytime and Anywhere

Sending texts is easy and convenient, unlike any other channel. Why? Mobile texts are short and precise. In instances where you may need to contact your clients within a short time, sending a text message is the best way to do that.

On the other hand, emails may not be as easy to use when time is of the essence. This is because sometimes the customer may have to perform another extra action on the website, which they may find a bit tedious.

7. It’s Convenient

Do you remember the last time you received an appointment reminder from the support team via a call? Or had to write an email to book an appointment? Probably not that often. This is because it’s more convenient to request and receive information via the text service.

The fact that texts are non-invasive, your spa clients can respond at any time of the day. So texts and SMS services are mutually beneficial for you and your clients. Don’t you think by sending an SMS blast you’re making it easier for you too?

8. Young People Prefer Texting

Text messaging is the favorite communication tool for the young generation. Young people send a huge number of SMS.

So if you want to attract this category of people to your spa, you need to adopt this marketing strategy.

These people prefer short communication over lengthy emails. Anything short like an SMS would appeal to them.

Ready to get started with Mobile text marketing?

Now that you understand the importance of SMS marketing for your spa, it’s time to get on board. This strategy will help you engage new and existing clients without being a nuisance.

So, unlock your spa with SMS marketing today!