6 Ways How Text Request Scheduling Helps Ophthalmologists

Scheduling your customers for appointments is arguably one of the most important parts of your business, but it’s likely that it’s an aspect that you don’t consider very often. This is because so many companies have been using the same system of scheduling for years or even decades, and many people are hesitant to switch up a system that they understand for something that they might not understand as well.

Still, if you can find a way to get more customers, you need to consider all of your options and think about the potential scheduling changes you can make to have success. Switching to text messages for your scheduling is the solution that you need to get more people scheduled for your business.

While you may feel like texting isn’t as personal as what you use, using text messages for scheduling has some huge perks that you need to think about.

Why Switch to Using Text Messages?

Think about the different appointments you have had at doctor’s offices, the dentist, the DMV, and more. Every time you have to call in and wait to make an appointment, you’re likely wishing you could just do it over text or online.

Customers feel the same way when receiving phone calls from any company, including yours. The vast majority of customers wish they had a way to make appointments and receive appointment confirmations over messages rather than calls.

You’ll also save time, save money on staffing, and stay more organized. You’ll always be on top of confirmations instead of having to wonder if you’ve called someone or who you’ve gotten through to. Text Request is your go-to scheduler for sending texts to your clients.

What is Text Request?

Text Request is a text messaging service and program for your small business. It allows a user to text a business directly or through their website and then continue a conversation on their phones; you can make appointments through text, and you can also confirm appointments, send out reminders, and send out survey requests all directly to your customer.

They can respond to you through text and confirm that they have received your information; the vast majority of people no longer answer calls from numbers that aren’t saved in their phones, so text messaging is the best way to reach individuals who you need to contact quickly.

Below are six of the reasons why you should use Text Request to schedule appointments and more:

1. Use group messaging to send out mass messages

Text Request lets you send out mass messages to huge groups at a time, which is convenient for tons of different reasons. First of all, this allows you to send out any information that all of your patients need to know at once; if you have a change in your billing process, for example, you can send out a mass message so everyone gets the information instantly.

Another great time to use a mass message would be if you are booked out for a long time but suddenly have an open appointment; you can send out a mass message and get more appointments booked far quicker than if you had to call each individual and ask if they wanted to come in.

You’ll also be able to send out mass questionnaires or surveys to your customers.

2. Texting makes the scheduling process quicker

Making appointments takes time, and you don’t want to have your receptionist making calls all day. This is especially true due to the fact that most of your customers would rather not be receiving calls in the first place; the average person would rather receive a text message that they can view quickly and respond instantly or on their own time.

Texting makes the process of scheduling your clients quicker and easier, because they can do it all from their phone in their own time rather than playing phone tag with your staff.

3. Send your clients messages after their appointment

The most important thing you can do to keep your customers engaged is to increase the amount of interaction you have with them. Sending text messages automatically after a client leaves an appointment is an easy way to remind them to come back as well as get feedback from them.

You can also send them instructions on what they need to do in between appointments; it’s easier to remember all of your instructions when they receive a text message after the appointment.

You’ll want to make sure you aren’t sending too many messages, but you can absolutely text your clients two or three times after an appointment to make sure they have all the information they need.

4. Messaging helps you keep more appointments

Some clients are afraid to come into an appointment for the first time; it’s natural to have anxiety when seeing a new specialist, especially if they have an illness that they are addressing for the first time.

Sending text messages to new clients about what they will expect when they visit your office will help them feel prepared for the visit and make it far more likely that they come to the appointment.

You can also message your customer for confirmation requests that they can respond to with a “yes” to confirm that they will be attending their appointment. Only if you don’t hear back from your client is it really necessary that you call them.

5. Requests for feedback are completed more often

When clients receive text message requests for feedback, they are far more likely to actually complete them than when they receive calls for surveys or emails.

Text messages are read 99% of the time they are delivered, while emails are only opened less than half of the time they are delivered, and many calls go unanswered every day. If you need to request feedback from your customers, doing it over text is likely what your customers prefer. You can also have customers put your number in their contacts, so they recognize the number in the future. This will help them know when they are receiving contact from your businesses.

6. Use saved templates to make scheduling easier

Text Request allows you to save your texts so you can use them in the future; you can save texts as templates when you anticipate using them for many customers.

For example, you can make a special template for reminders, appointment confirmations, or for feedback requests. Using a template for texting like that makes your life much easier, and will help you keep your staff focused on those that visit your firm in person.

Final Thoughts

Texting your customers is their preferred means of communication; it makes it far easier for them to communicate with you in their own time rather than having to answer phone calls from a number that they may not have in their contacts.

You will get more appointments and your appointments are more likely to be retained when you use texting as a part of your services. Use text to refine your scheduling process, use message templates to save time, and schedule appointments automatically.

Try out a demo, and see what it could do for your business!