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2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Restaurant

Only 20% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions, with most people giving up within three weeks. Sometimes those lofty goals can feel impossible. We’re here to help you set 5 goals for your restaurant which are not only attainable, but which will also help your entire business succeed this year.


  1. Simplification

Put the hospitality back in the hospitality industry! According to a study by Datassential, guests want friendliness and service with a smile more than anything else as far as consumer interaction goes. Along with friendliness and a smile, customers would also like to work with knowledgeable staff members, who can confidently make recommendations, discuss the menu, and answer questions. 

Of course, you’re likely working on this all the time, but there are a lot of interruptions, obstacles, and staffing problems standing in your way. One simple solution to a lot of basic restaurant problems is automation. Automations remove some repetitive, time-consuming tasks from employees, which allows staff to work on other things that may be just as important for a better customer experience. Automations are also usually more accurate than busy employees; your customers will love the added bonus of mistake-free orders.

  1. Increase Online Ordering

Almost all adult Americans have a smartphone, which means they also have access to your website and/or app whenever they’re thinking about food. Instead of requiring them to come in to place an order, encourage them to make online orders by making it as easy as possible for them to do so. A system like Reachify can send your callers a text message with a link straight to your online ordering site. You may even want to allow your customers to place orders via text message. Most importantly, online orders allow your staff to focus on preparing and serving delicious food, so your customers can have an amazing, quick, and satisfying experience.

  1. Improve Customer Communication

Fast food chains are adding automation and technologies that will make communication better than ever. One of the biggest challenges for restaurants is managing a high volume of calls from customers, resulting in missed calls and long wait times. Answer phone questions easily and quickly using an automated system like Reachify so you can focus on in-person guests and helping them as quickly and effectively as possible. Make sure customers never leave your restaurant or get off the phone or website with an unanswered question!

  1. Streamline Operations

Use the new year as a chance to make your entire operation more efficient. Analyze your current processes and identify areas that need improvement. Does an oven need an upgrade? Is there a machine that’s not operating effectively? Is there a lot of food waste? Are you ordering some supplies more often than you should? Examine all aspects of your restaurant so you can find ways to improve. Even small things, when done consistently, can make a huge difference in overall operations, as well as lowering costs. You may also want to add systems that can help take some of the stress off management, such as streamlining staff scheduling, automating phone calls, optimizing inventory systems, and getting a better delivery system.

  1. Less Stress

There are ways to reduce stress in your restaurant. Technologies and automations are better than ever; adding one to your lineup can reduce stress on skeleton staff, speed up order preparation, increase order accuracy, and save you money. Staff members with a little more breathing room are equipped to give better service. Not only that, these things provide a better overall experience for your customers. Whether you’re using cutting-edge AI technology to run your drive-thru, buying an espresso machine that is fully automated, or having an AI-backed chatbot handle your phone calls, your customers will appreciate a seamless experience, and you’ll appreciate the higher top-line revenue!


Ready to make the leap to automation? Reachify’s phone services include automated text messages, self-serve phone menu, and a whole host of fully customizable features that are sure to help you make 2024 the best year yet. Don’t wait; contact us here!

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