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$8/mo Per User



Reachify provides users like you the ability to easily setup, use, and scale your business communications systems without ever worrying about it again



Reachify offers peace-of-mind, especially for those in highly regulated spaces; whether you’re in healthcare, law, or the financial realm, we have compliance and encryption filters to protect you and your business



Reachify unifies your business by offering one hub where all your communications live with built-in tools to help your team accomplish your goals —all while safely supporting what matters most: your customers


Got Questions?

Reachify FAQ Support Hub Has The Answers

Why should I switch to a hosted VoIP system?

Traditional PBX systems require on-site maintenance often that can be costly and only get worse as your company grows. Additionally, if your PBX system goes down your entire company’s communication system fails. With a hosted cloud-based system all the maintenance and network monitoring is done by Reachify. Also, we have multiple hosting data centers that offers multiple fail-over redundancies so even if one fails, you’ll never notice a thing.

Can I just use some of the features?

Each business is going to use the platform a little differently. We recommend you find what’s best for your business as you play with the platform. Our customer success team can also help you find what may work best for your business.

How is this different than my CRM?

While we have many features that act like a CRM, we place a larger focus on your internal team communication and customer interactions. In many cases, Reachify integrates with your CRM platform to help you get the best out of both platforms. However, in the case that we don’t have an integration with your current CRM, you can still use both accordingly.

How is my messaging secure?

Reachify allows you to secure any message you may be sending internally or externally. The messages are encrypted both in transit, and at rest. If a message is encrypted, the receiver will be given a key to unlock the message so that only they may have access.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Unlike most service providers, Reachify doesn’t require that you lock into a contract. However, we do offer discounts if you’d like to pay annually.

Who installs the platform?

The Reachify implementation team can configure and install your the Reachify VoIP system. If your company has an IT team you work with and trust, we can also partner with them.

During implementation, will there be any disruption in my current phone service?

Reachify aims to not to disrupt any of your business activities. In order to do so we provision your phones from our offices and typically switch your service over during a time that is outside of normal business hours.

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