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Case Study: Year Round Restaurant Group

Year Round Restaurant Group owns Sharky’s Cantina, Copper Anchor, and Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company in Martha’s Vineyard, where they’ve been serving delicious food for around 20 years.

The Problem

Accuracy is a concern for everyone in the business. Taking orders correctly and giving correct information to customers are both equally important. Sharky’s owner JB was concerned about a busy staff’s ability to communicate accurate information, and wanted to reduce time wasting.

The Solution

JB used Reachify to have a self-serve menu answer common questions quickly and accurately. The system also sends automated text messages to callers who select options for online actions. “A lot of people get the links that would have wasted a host’s time,” JB told us.

In addition, JB takes advantage of Reachify’s texting options to communicate directly back and forth with customers. It adds a little extra time to his day, but as he told us, “Worth it.”

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