Release Notes

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Web 1.0.121 | Desktop App 1.4.17

December 13, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues uploading contact and updated the csv template file
  • Fixed issue when composing a message, the dropdown would not show contacts that are stored
  • Optimized unseen message counts
  • Improved how we handle contacts in our system

Web 1.0.111 | Desktop App 1.4.1

November 27, 2018

What’s New

  • Added Reachify Compact view to the desktop application
    • Fully functional from expanded
      • Phone with Smart Caller ID
      • Text Messaging
      • Voicemails
      • Chat
    • MINDBODY integration for Smart Caller ID that shows red/yellow alerts, membership status, email, and other pertinent information about the client on the call
    • Added call logs to the soft phone so that recent/missed calls are provided in the “Recent Calls” history
    • Updated soft phone for web application

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when scrolling up on a thread that caused a flicker motion and not properly scroll
  • Fixed issue when loading a large number of contacts which caused the application to crash
  • Upgrades to search for better results and fixed crashing the application on some queries
  • Longest & Average wait time in call analytics are now shown in proper mm:ss format
  • Fixed issue that images attached to an email could not be previewed
  • Fixed issue where new chat message did not show in view when scrolled to the bottom
  • Fixed issue of being able to access archived chats/topics through a URL
  • Fixed issue when pressing the UP arrow on a thread that caused the application to crash
  • Fixed random render errors when selecting a thread
  • Fixed issue that the login email was case sensitive
  • Fixed issue that the soft phone required camera access
  • Fixed issue in admin when selecting a group in the Groups section that caused an error
  • Fixed issue that when an email was forwarded, the content of the forwarded email would not be included
  • Revised “Ignore” to “Hide” and adjusted the lifecycle so that the message will remain in the existing filter
  • Fixed issue if last message was deleted in a thread, message was unable to go into “read” state
  • Fixed issue with HTML emails not being rendered properly
  • Fixed issue that the group selected during a new team member creation would not be applied

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