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Historical and Real-Time Reports

Spot trends fast with Reachify’s robust reporting and analytics. See what your callers are doing, what they want, and how you can adapt to serve them better, all from your Reachify analytics dashboard.

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The total number of inbound calls your restaurant has received in the selected time frame.

The number of automations (text messages for online ordering, driving directions, etc) that have been activated in the selected time frame.

The number of calls your staff has answered.

All calls your staff didn't pick up. Includes automations from Reachify and after-hours calls.

Highest amount of time a caller waited to be helped.

Average amount of time a caller waited to be helped.

Time frame to view analytics. Choose from custom ranges, last week, last month, this year, and more.

Call Reporting

Understand Your Calls.

Call reporting is important to any business. You will get insights into key performance statistics like missed calls, wait times, online ordering options, and more. Take the guesswork out and manage your business with optimal efficiency.


Detailed Call Records

Real-Time & Historical Calls

Know your calls when they happen, and breakdown the history by user to see how many calls each of your employees or offices are making.

Trends & Data

Using Data to Help Your Callers.

Seeing trends in your business is key. Noticing that more people are making online reservations or asking for driving directions helps you understand what your callers need most, and allow you to adjust your workflow to help them faster.

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