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Owner: Kati

At a Glance

Case Study: Dandelion Cleaning

Dandelion Cleaning is a service-business in the greater Denver area of Colorado.

The Problem

Kati’s business includes a lot of runaround due to playing phone tag with customers looking to make an appointment. She figured it was just something she’d have to deal with as a business owner, until one day, she discovered Reachify. “I called my kids’ gym to ask about something, and they were unable to answer,” she told us, “so I decided I would try back later and hung up without leaving a message. I was utterly delighted when I instantly received a text message offering to help via text. I HAD to have this for my business!”

The Solution

“With my manager and my team able to communicate with clients and each other through the service, we don’t have to play phone tag, and it streamlines our communications,” Kati said. “I do notice when people request text messages to schedule appointments ro consultations, so this tells me that Reachify is helping my communicate with potential clients who don’t want to play phone tag or fill out an online form to request information. People who are looking for ease of scheduling and on-demand service are part of my target market, so this is great.”

“I think this is brilliant!” she added.

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