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Case Study: Full Afterburner Calzones

Full Afterburner Calzones is a fighter jet-themed restaurant in Colorado with a busy staff and a delicious array of calzones, snacks and other food.

The Problem

Understaffing is an issue almost every business in the food and hospitality faces now. According to a recent study by Restaurant Business Online, 63% of limited/quick-service restaurants don’t have enough staff to meet customer demand. More than that, the constant interruption of calls can become tiresome in an already stressful day. “We hate answering the phone, and quite frankly, don’t have time to,” Ben, the owner, told us.

The Solution

Full Afterburner Calzones used the Reachify system to send callers to online ordering. Many calls are now handled by automations, requireing fewer dedicated staff members. “I don’t have to answer the phone. My entire staff loves that concept,” Ben said.

“Since [the Reachify] dashboard says you’ve sent 34 texts for me, that’s 34 phone calls I didn’t have to pick up,” he went on. “That’s 2-5 minutes per phone call. … That’s 1-2 hours of horrendous excruciating phone calls I don’t have to be a part of! And… HOPEFULLY… revenue that is being generated because those callers are customers who can click the link.”

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