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Case Study: The Empanada Factory

The Empanada Factory has offered fresh empanadas, catering, a food truck, wholesale sales and frozen empanadas in the Los Angeles area of California since 2003.

The Problem

Many restaurateurs believe once they set up a website and online ordering system, customers will immediately jump on the chance to use it. Almost all of them are disappointed to find it generally doesn’t take off very quickly. Customers don’t know about it, don’t know where to look, or are just in the habit of calling their orders in and don’t want to change.

This, of course, leads to frustration from owners. Those perfectly-functional sites and apps aren’t doing anything! “I was noticing that my team was expending a lot of time on the phone taking orders that can easily be taken online,” Marcelo, owner of the Empanada Factory, told us.

The Solution

After seeing a post on Instagram, Marcelo contacted Reachify to save staff time by automating phones for The Empanada Factory and encouraging online ordering. Using Reachify’s system, callers can simply press one in the menu and receive an immediate text message with one-click access to the website to place an order. The simplicity of the system made it ideal for easy use. Callers are also sent directions via text, and can receive other important business information without wasting employee time.

“It is saving me at least 2 hours a day,” Marcelo said. “Orders are more accurate now since 95% of them are placed online now. Online orders went up 50%. It is a more efficient business now.”

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