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3 Myths About Restaurant Technology

Running a restaurant isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, and running one on the tail end of a very dangerous global pandemic, coupled with a troubled economy and other issues is even harder. Restaurants are having a difficult time attracting and keeping staff. Customers think food is too expensive. Food sourcing problems mean already-tight margins are even tighter. What’s the solution? Technology!

We’ve heard some pretty baffling claims about technology in restaurants, and today we’re going to share a few of them with you in hopes that we can dispel some myths and get everyone on the right track to restaurant success.

  1. Customers will never accept being greeted by phone or drive-thru automations.

False! The vast majority of businesses across the entire country are using some type of automations in their businesses, whether it’s your mechanic, gym, box store, or even your child’s school. People understand automations are a way of life. They aren’t even bad; they’re helpful, cost-saving means that allow businesses to stay open where they might not be able to otherwise. They can help you get where you want to be far faster than a human.

Investing in technology that can reduce the burden on your current staff is a good idea. Customers won’t actually mind, it will improve the efficiency of your business, you can increase revenue, and your staff will be grateful!

  1. Robotic servers will replace actual people in the near future.

Also false! Some restaurants have famously attempted to make this transition, especially when they couldn’t get enough employees to staff the front of their business during the pandemic shut downs, but this is not the norm, and no business has seen measured, continuous success by doing so. Besides, the investment in such technology is enormous – too high for most restaurant owners to afford. Yes, salaries would go down, but the initial cost is quite high, not to mention subsequent maintenance costs.

The other down side? Robots just don’t have the human element to handle some special requests, emergency issues, and other problems that may arise. They don’t come up often, but when they do, you’re going to want a person there taking care of it!

  1. Technology destroys the “hospitality” that makes up the hospitality industry.

Again, false. People spend hours every day with their noses in their phones, plus hours more on computers at work. Technology is a way of life in every aspect of what we all do every day. That’s why it’s so nice to be greeted by a smiling face when you get dinner, and technology is what can make that smiling face available for a shift at the restaurant. Having a food inventory management system, phone automations and bookkeeping software reduces the time spent behind-the-scenes so staff can focus more on the actual work of hospitality, and that’s the key thing. Technology frees up a lot of time and helps reduce mistakes made.

If you want to free up your staff with an automated phone system for your restaurant that will delight your customers as well as your employees, Reachify is for you! It’s commission-free and designed to “set it and forget it,” so you won’t have to worry about missed calls or lost orders anymore. Set up a quick demo with us here.

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