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3 Ways a VoIP Phone System Will Improve Your Restaurant

As a restaurateur, you have a lot of bills to pay and a lot going on. You have to source your food, buy and maintain equipment, rent or buy a location, pay taxes, power, and more. Even if you were inclined to make the changeover to VoIP, how could adding another system possibly offer you extra value?

Well, there are multiple ways a system like Reachify can improve your business and offer added value to your restaurant every month.


VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is an internet-based phone system. These systems can offer many added benefits that traditional phone systems generally don’t have, such as better call management, higher call quality, call analytics, and portability, among other things. They are also often cheaper than traditional phone services.


Automations initially answer the phone and present a self-serve menu to callers that can direct them to text messages, online ordering, and other automatic actions. Adding automations and Reachify’s signature call deflection technology decreases the number of people that need to be dedicated to phone duty by also decreasing the amount of time you’re on the phone. This allows you to let your staff get back to the food and service that are a mark of the hospitality industry.

Adding automations is about more than just reducing staff, though. Even if you’re the sole owner and worker in your business, it saves countless hours of time you would otherwise spend on the phone answering questions that could be easily answered by a self-serve system instead of you. In fact, a recent Reachify study found that on average, restaurants are spending 37 hours per month on the phone. That’s a lot of hours you could be spending cooking, baking, working on office tasks or dealing with in-person patrons, which also increases productivity and allows you the opportunity to increase orders and sales.


Flexibility with your call process is a huge plus for VoIP systems. Adding extensions, call menus, self-serve options, and more can not only save you money, it can also save you and your team time and effort. Allowing customers to order online or get directions automatically long before involving a busy team member during peak meal-times is a huge benefit to your entire staff. Orders are more accurate and can be prepared faster, plus there are fewer interruptions for in-person guests. 

Want to make sure someone is available to answer calls any time, anywhere? Make sure your team has the Reachify app and has connected their phones, and then everyone can be on call to answer incoming questions or take reservations, all from your business phone number rather than your personal number.

Change your phone from a business cost to an automatic business generator! Contact us to get more information on Reachify!

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