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5 Essential Tips for Restaurant Technology

A lot of people are on the extremes of technology for restaurants; you either have all the bells and whistles, or you’re holding out, hoping the wave will pass without forcing you into it. However, especially since the rise of the pandemic, touchless ordering and payment systems are desirable staples, and other features that used to be cutting-edge are things customers have come to expect. Here are 5 tips to help you decide what you might need for your restaurant.

  • Don’t avoid it.

Traditionalists often think they’re better off without any technology. People want to come into an old-school diner or restaurant for the classic experience and human interaction, right? Well, yes, but a little bit of modern convenience doesn’t kill that experience. You can have a very successful restaurant that is known for making the customer feel like family and still have Wi-Fi, management software, and automations.

  • Make it relevant. 

There are a lot of very cool technologies out there, and if you’re on the cutting edge already, it can be tempting to grab the latest and greatest technologies just for the sake of having them. Resist doing this; it can be obnoxious rather than helpful for your customers to be constantly bombarded with things that are confusing, slowing them down, and making their lives harder, regardless of how cool your latest gadgets are.

  • Use it to help your staff. 

When deciding whether to add a new technology to your restaurant, you need to consider what it can do to help. The burden on the small staff that most restaurants have right now can be heavy, so anything you can do to help them is appreciated. Including software or technology that makes everyday activities easier for them – never harder; don’t add extra steps to what they already have to do – is a good business investment. Happier employees make happier customers.

  • Don’t overdo it.

If your technologies don’t add any assistance to your customers and staff, you probably shouldn’t get it. Both software and hardware really need to add value in your business to make them justifiable. Technology is good, but person-to-person interaction is still key. Remember the values and ambiance you want in your business, and respect that when making decisions on software and technology.

  • Let it help with things you didn’t know you needed.

If you’re having trouble with a specific aspect of your business, think about what technologies can solve that problem. If it’s coordinating shifts, get management software. If it’s accounting, find bookkeeping software. If it’s managing food inventory, get food management software. If it’s answering the phones, consider adding technology like Reachify.

The important thing is to embrace technology … to a point. There are so many things that can make your life, and your business, easier to run.

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