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5 Low-Cost Advertising Methods for Your Restaurant

Along with last week’s article about ways to advertise your restaurant for free, this week we are adding five low-cost investments to advertise your restaurant that are worth it. Some of these methods are more expensive than others, but there are ways you can keep costs down and still find success.

First, do community outreach. Donating food to a local charity, school, or orphanage is a great way to get the word out, especially if a news outlet finds out about it. Even if they don’t, grateful recipients will still let others know what you did and your reputation will improve. Socially conscious people would much rather go to a business that participates in those kinds of activities.

Second, design and source t-shirts or hats. Making branded apparel items is a fun way for people to advertise your business. Giving away a shirt to a regular who is likely to actually wear it is a great way to have constant walking advertisements all over your local area. In addition to shirts and hats – which are the easiest as they’re very visible when others are wearing them – you can choose other promotional items people might use, such as face masks, wristbands, flashlights, and pens. The important thing is to get your brand somewhere that will be seen. A keychain often isn’t going to get you that, as many people leave their keys in pockets, purses, or drawers.

Third, sponsor a local event. A parade, city activity, school dance, or youth sporting event is a great way to gain exposure. If it’s an event where t-shirts are given out to people who attend, you can get your restaurant name printed on the shirt. Get your brand on the announcement posters or emails and welcome posters. People who see your brand will recognize it and the likelihood that they will remember you later on when they’re hungry is quite high.

Fourth, pay for social media ads. You don’t want to spend a lot, of course, but social media ads can be targeted to local areas, making them very cost-effective. Your budget can be low and still help you achieve your goals. With most social media platforms, you can specify whatever level of budget you have available, and then narrow down your audience so you can reach the people most likely to respond.

Fifth, put flyers out in parking lots. A lot of people roll their eyes at flyers under their windshield wipers after a day of shopping or attending a sporting event or concert, but it does work. They’ll see a coupon code, realize they’re hungry, and be interested. It only costs you the price of printing and design and the labor to put them out.

You definitely don’t have to break the bank to spread the word about your restaurant. With a little thought and some creativity, it’s possible to effectively advertise for little to no budget! 

If you’re too busy working on your advertising and need help with your phones, let us know. Reachify is a great way to save labor costs and time while still helping your callers have a great experience!

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