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5 Restaurant Things You Need to Think About Today

  1. The Psychology of Menu Design

Your menu is more than just a list of your food and drink offerings. It’s a marketing tool that can be used to influence your customers’ ordering habits. By understanding the psychology of menu design, you can use your menu to nudge your customers towards higher-profit items and boost your bottom line.

Important things to consider: place your best-selling dishes in prominent places, and always feature them with pictures unless you have a good reason not to. Make sure the font you choose is clear and legible.

  1. The Power of Discounts and Deals

Discounts and deals are a powerful marketing tool that can be used to increase traffic, build customer loyalty, and boost sales. When used wisely, discounts and deals can help you reach your business goals while still providing value to your customers.

Important things to consider: offering discounts 100% of the time is going to eventually hurt your business, because people will come to expect that they never have to pay full price, so unless your margins are high enough to support that, consider making deals and discounts seasonal or temporary. Alternatively, finding a good loyalty program for your regulars may work even better, because discounts are offered to people providing repeat business, so they don’t work against revenue as much. Many PoS systems offer loyalty/reward programs.

  1. The Importance of an Online Presence

In today’s digital world, it’s essential for restaurants to have an online presence. An online presence allows you to reach a wider audience, build credibility, and generate leads and sales. Without an online presence, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to grow your business. Most importantly, people need to be able to find your business on a quick search of the internet, so they will be more likely to come eat at your restaurant!

Important things to consider: you need reviews, a website/app/social media page, and a place where your contact information can sit. All three of these are crucial for garnering positive online attention that can translate into orders. Also, don’t forget that social media accounts need to be monitored regularly – daily if at all possible. It does you and your customers no good to request reviews and comments if you never see them. Customers like to be acknowledged less than 24 hours after posting.

  1. The Role of Social Media in Restaurant Marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to connect with customers, promote specials and events, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your restaurant. Even if you aren’t on social media, your customers are. That’s where they can connect with you and each other and share reviews and photos. Utilizing social media correctly can help you achieve your restaurant marketing goals.

Important things to consider: you don’t need to be on every social media platform, but you do need to be on at least one. Pick one that will spread the word the best … and make time to post regularly!

  1. Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

Creating a memorable customer experience is one of the most important goals of any restaurant owner. A great customer experience will keep customers coming back, generate word-of-mouth buzz, and lead to long-term success for your business.

Important things to consider: treat guests well, keep your business clean, be approachable, and remember that the ambience makes a huge difference. Is the music too loud? Is it too dark? Is it Instagram-worthy? 

Don’t forget that automating your phone can help your callers get what they need faster and free up time you’re going to need to work on these 5 things! We’d be happy to show you how Reachify can help.

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