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8 Tips for Using Facebook For Your Restaurant

Facebook is the most widely popular social media platform throughout the world. It’s rare to come across someone that hasn’t used it and/or doesn’t know what it is. Of course, each social media platform has different pros and cons and can reach a different audience, but Facebook is the most widely used. As such, it is the go-to for everyone who wants a social media presence. 

Facebook has the ability to include text, images, video, and more. Almost any type of post is possible for Facebook, which makes it ideal for beginners and general posters. 

Make sure your business page is up and running.

If you’re just barely getting started, it’s important to create your business account, plus add information like location, hours of operation, and branding. Images are key here; add a recognizable picture of the front of your restaurant so people who see it can know who you are and where you’re located. The more information you add, the better.

Once your page is ready, the next important thing is to create posts that are going to encourage engagement.

Post about the food.

This seems obvious, but some people may not realize that this is one of the most crucial things you can do on Facebook. Post about what you’re selling: what’s on the menu, what’s seasonal, what is a fan-favorite … and showcase it with beautiful, delicious-looking photos.

Ask questions.

Ask your followers and viewers to vote on a new special, or new flavor, or new location. Ask them to drop opinions on anything that’s relevant to your restaurant. It creates a sense of loyalty, like they have participated in the creation of this brand, which in turn causes a lot of people to take ownership of it, sharing it and letting their friends know.

Post candid behind-the-scenes shots.

People love to know who’s making their food, and that real people are using real food to make these delicious meals possible. Snap a photo in the kitchen, or in the staff room, or anywhere that patrons wouldn’t normally see. It feels like insider information and makes them feel like they’re supporting actual human beings.

Re-post user-generated content.

With permission, of course, using user-generated content is one of the best things you can do on social media. It makes your users feel important, it offers proof that you’re paying attention to what others are doing and saying about your restaurant, and it costs you nothing to produce. 

Post tips and tricks that are relevant to your business.

If you sell tacos, maybe put up a humorous post about the best way to eat a taco. If you sell sandwiches, consider posting the best way to store them without the bread getting crusty immediately. If you make a special “secret sauce” that you offer in packets, write up 10 things you can do with the secret sauce at home – ways your secret sauce make everything better! There are a lot of ways to create a post that is both unique and relevant, which can keep your restaurant in mind for longer.

Post videos.

Quick recordings – even 30 seconds or shorter – are great because they don’t feel overbearing and people can still get enjoyment from them. Get a clip of one of your cooks, a host, a happy customer. Show what your team does to clean the tables between diners.

Showcase discounts or specials.

If you’re offering anything out of the ordinary, social media is the perfect place to post about it. Not only does it quickly get the word out, it also allows those who see it to easily share it with anyone else they think might be interested. Everyone wins.

Don’t forget about how long Facebook posts last!

There is a strong temptation to spend a great deal of time and money making the perfect post for social media, but this can be problematic as the lifespan of a Facebook post is measured in hours. Most interaction with a Facebook post happens within 3 hours, and after 6, it’s likely not going to be seen again unless you boost it. Spending a long time working on it isn’t exactly a no-brainer. You want your content to be beautiful, share-worthy, eye-catching and inspiring, but you also have to consider what you’re willing to sacrifice for 5-6 hours of attention.

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