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How to Set Up a Business Number for Your Restaurant

When you’re getting started in the restaurant industry, you’re going to need a phone number for everything from sourcing equipment and food to communicating directly with your customers. Because of this, it’s necessary to get this step handled as early on as possible, preferably well before you open your doors for business.

First, you’ll want to decide what kind of number to register for your business. Unless you are planning some extreme expansion, a local number is better than a toll-free number, as it’s cheaper and your local customers won’t care either way. 

Second, you’ll need a phone service provider, and you’ll also need actual phones. Unless you’re using your personal cell phone for your business (we highly recommend you do not do this), you will want some hardware. Cordless handsets are often easier for employees to use in a busy kitchen environment. 

Third, you need to decide what level of phone technology you want to use. Each phone service plan will have different limitations and available features that you may or may not want. Do you want multiple phone lines? Voicemail? Caller ID? There are some features that are unnecessary for some businesses but critical for others, so be sure you know what you want.

After that, it’s as simple as calling your phone service provider and creating a business account. They can help you with all of the details.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more cutting-edge, feature-rich platform, you may want to consider something with options specific to your business. Reachify – as well as other similar systems – is a full phone service provider that also offers features that can help your restaurant. Read briefly about some of them below.

Virtual auto attendant phone system

In a nutshell, Reachify’s auto attendant greets callers and offers various options of your choice to them. It can be used to increase online orders and reservations, give directions, and even send requested promotions through text message marketing.

What is text message marketing?

In short, text message marketing is communicating with your potential customers via SMS or text message. It is fast, convenient, and effective; most Americans have their phone in hand and can receive these text messages in seconds. With Reachify’s system, callers can select an option to have a text message sent straight to their phone.

Deflect calls to digital channels

Reachify’s call deflection automation redirects inbound callers to a system that can help them find their way much faster than waiting for a human to answer. They can be sent an immediate link to the online ordering portal, or even to download your app if you have one, or directions on how to get to your business. They can even be forwarded right to third party delivery services if that is what they’re looking for.

SMS while still keeping your current landline number

When you’re using a landline for your restaurant, it might feel hopeless to be able to communicate with customers via text message, which is often the preferred method for most Americans. However, Reachify can help text-enable even landlines with our phone automation technology. 

If you want to know more about how Reachify can help your business run more efficiently, contact us.

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