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Keys to Running a Successful Restaurant

There is no single one-size-fits-all solution to making your restaurant successful, as every restaurant is different. However, we think there are a few key elements that all successful restaurants have in common. Here are our top three:

  1. A stable team

A great team is the foundation of any successful restaurant. Good team members who are committed to their work and to providing amazing customer service are ideal if you can get them. Whether front of house or back of house, your staff is what keeps your restaurant running, so it matters who is doing what. Get the right person on the right job, and you’ll find your restaurant doing a lot better than you would otherwise! Of course, staffing can be pretty hard, so when you find your restaurant is understaffed, using a solution like Reachify can help free up those valuable employees for more important in-person tasks.

  1. A focus on quality

A focus on quality is what separates a good restaurant from a great one. From the food to the service to the ambiance, everything must be of the highest quality if you want to succeed. Details matter, and those who come into your restaurant will notice those details. 

  1. A dedication to customer service

Amazing customer service is what will keep customers coming back again and again (combined with delicious food, of course). Simple first impressions can go a long way; you don’t ever want your customers to face long lines to be seated (especially if the restaurant is barely full) or waiting a long time to get something simple like a glass of water. If you can exceed customer expectations and give them an experience they won’t forget, you’re on your way to success. In fact, great service is also the foundation for brand marketing, because people will remember the good experiences they had and share those with friends and family. They will, in turn, also share with their friends and family, and word will spread. Even the greatest marketing and advertising team ever to exist and a beautiful location can never replace great service.

Some honorable mentions for our list:

  • Choosing the right location

It does matter where your business is! Aside from a few notable exceptions, location is crucial in the food industry, so be careful when choosing a site.

  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere

This, of course, depends greatly on what type of business you’re running, but the atmosphere should reflect the ambiance and brand. Don’t forget cleanliness, music/entertainment, dishes, wall color and decorations, and even furniture go a long way toward creating an atmosphere.

  • Putting together a great menu

Maybe this is the easiest one for you; many new restaurateurs already have a great idea, so making a basic menu could be easy. Be sure not to overcomplicate your menu when you’re creating it.

  • Managing finances wisely

It may sound overly obvious at first, but it is very important to remember to track inventory, expenses, spend, income, tips, and more. Make sure your pricing reflects your costs, and that you’re careful with inventory so you aren’t bleeding unnecessary expenses.

  • Automating your phone

Being able to fully focus on your in-person guests makes them feel special and improves their experience. No one likes being told to wait while you go take a phone call. Reachify’s automated phone system can solve this problem by easily redirecting phone traffic to your website via simple text messages or forward calls so callers get assistance immediately. Want to know more? Let us know here.

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