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Onboarding Issues

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Porting describes moving your current phone number to a new carrier. In this case, if you’d like to use Reachify as your phone carrier and take advantage of great features like missed call automations, you can port your current number to Reachify.

If you would like to retain your current phone carrier, do not port your number to Reachify.

NOTE: If you have a Hunt Group with multiple numbers in it, you will need to put your secondary roll-over number you provide to our team at the head of the Hunt Group when you forward your main business number to Reachify to go live. Steps to take:

  1. Forward your main business number to Reachify
  2. Move your secondary number to the front of your Hunt Group

We cannot text-enable your cell phone for your business. However, we do offer two solutions for this situation:

OPTION 1: Everything stays the same, except, when your customers choose an option to receive a text message, we will be sending the text from a different phone number from the same area code/region. We have this option set up with a few of our customers already and they are using the system to their benefit.

OPTION 2 (recommended): You can always port your phone number to Reachify, so we can manage the number. We do offer full phone service and once the number resides with us, we can text-enable it with ease. You can make outbound calls through the application in Reachify if need be.