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Start 2023 Off Right! 6 Tips for the New Year

It’s 2023, and it’s time to get ready for a new year full of successes! Here are 6 tips to help you get started:

  1. Kill it on social media.

Being on social media is crucial. When people are looking for your business, they will expect to see you, at least on Facebook and Instagram, but possibly on other channels as well, such as TikTok. They’ll be looking for posts about specials and hours, reviews from friends and family, plus updates. Your restaurant’s reputation is largely represented on social media, so it’s important for you to make the occasional post or update. If you are also looking for a quick boost in sales or attention, you can usually find that with sponsored posts – paid social media – but it is important to maintain your presence with regular posts as well.

  1. Focus on reviews.

Google is making some new changes to the way it handles search results. Food searches will focus on specific menu items as well as include statements from reviews that indicate the “vibe” of the location. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to make sure your reviews reflect the vibe you want shown when people search for either your restaurant or restaurants like yours “near me.”

  1. Make sure your menu – not a pdf – is on your website.

As mentioned above, with Google’s search changes, your menu needs to be available online. Don’t just drop the pdf onto your website, either; Google can’t always index a pdf, so searchers might miss out. There are other reasons you want to get your menu items on your website without a pdf, too, including that your site will load faster and it is easier for potential customers to find specific food items they might be interested in.

  1. Use automations to help with staffing issues and reduce costs.

Technology is a common and necessary part of life in 2023. It saves you time and money, plus it can really reduce stress in your business, so if you haven’t found some type of software or automation for your restaurant yet, that should be high on your list of things to do. We recommend inventory management software, bookkeeping, scheduling, and phone automations. 

Reachify offers many amazing features for automating your restaurant phone that you’re going to love. It’s commission-free, convenient, and will help your customers get what they want faster. Our system can automatically send callers to your online ordering portal, give them directions, or forward them for third-party orders, among other things. Ready to make the leap? Contact us here.

  1. Create a unique atmosphere.

The dining experience – whether in a full-service or fast-casual restaurant – needs to be immersive and memorable. People will remember the atmosphere, which will include everything from how your staff greets them to the tables, wall colors, and general ambience. The total experience is what people will remember, and making sure it’s positive is what should be your goal.

  1. Go back to the basics.

Focus on the food that made your restaurant successful in the first place. If your restaurant is new, look for that special menu item and give it your attention. It can be tempting to keep adding new menu items, but menus that are too large can be overwhelming for customers and staff. Go back to the basics, which is making good food and satisfying your customers every time they walk through your doors.

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