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Templates for Text Messages for Your Restaurant

Having trouble deciding what to put in a text message you’re sending to customers? It can be difficult. You need to walk a fine line between too casual and too impersonal. 

Not long ago, it was thought that any use of emojis would send the wrong, immature message. Now, however, even emails from most companies have them, whether in the body or, more often, in the subject line. Part of the reason for this is that it’s very hard to convey positive emotions, enthusiasm, and friendliness through text. Jokes lose their humor and can even become inadvertently offensive if the person receiving them can’t see you smiling or winking. But if you purposefully use language that can’t be inferred another way, it inevitably sounds cold and sometimes acerbic. What do you do?

These days, it’s okay for businesses to use emojis, within reason. Definitely don’t let them take over your message, but they are an easy way to infuse emotion and ideas into an otherwise drab text message. They help add enthusiasm, which helps your customers feel like they’re communicating with a person rather than a robot. That’s a win for everyone!

If you use call deflection in Reachify’s system, you will likely have to compose text messages for your call flow. The most common of these is a text message to direct your callers to online ordering, but you may also want one for directions and another for promotions, etc.

Unless you want to spend time answering each text message, you probably will also want to mention that the text is coming from an inbox that is not monitored, so people don’t constantly text you and then get frustrated when you don’t respond to them in a timely manner.

Here are some examples for you:



Basic outline: “Hi, thanks for calling our restaurant! Order online at”





One of the best things about call deflection technology with Reachify is that you can customize your phone menu to send text messages based on your restaurant’s specific criteria, and you can have the text messages forward to any link you want. The sky is the limit – or, rather, your creativity and business personality are the limit!

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