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What Marketing Can Do For Your Restaurant

Marketing – which, at its core, boils down to business promotion and selling products or services – is often thought of as a complicated, high-end tactic that requires a dedicated team or third-party company. It can be, but there are marketing basics that can help any business of any size, and marketing can do some amazing things for your restaurant. Here are 14 reasons why you should invest some time in marketing your restaurant today!

  1. Marketing helps you connect with new customers.

Whether you are promoting your business via television, social media, or an employee spinning an arrow on the corner, marketing helps people find out what your business is all about, and that can encourage them to come in and have a taste of what you’re offering!

  1. It can help increase your customer loyalty.

Done right, marketing includes reviews, comments, and reactions from your customers. When people are involved in your marketing experience, they feel more loyalty toward your restaurant.

  1. It can boost your brand awareness.

Even if people have driven by your location a hundred times on their way to work, they may not know what type of food you sell or what quality it is. Marketing can offer awareness of these things to those in your area, which greatly increases the likelihood of them coming in.

  1. Marketing gets your restaurant noticed.

Maybe you run a small cookie shop by yourself and aren’t looking to expand; even so, marketing can help your little bakery maintain the attention needed to keep you in business.

  1. It helps you reach a larger audience.

You may think you want to focus on a specific demographic, but you might be surprised to discover what a wide range of people are interested in the food you offer. Marketing can spread the word and increase the type of audience that wants to dine at your restaurant!

  1. Marketing attracts new talent to your restaurant.

People are more willing to work at a place they’ve heard of or that has decent reviews, and marketing your restaurant’s reputation not only increases your business, it also increases the pool of potential employees.

  1. It can help increase your profits.

Increased orders and foot traffic increases profits. Increasing awareness and connecting with new customers, as mentioned above, increases orders. It’s a win win!

  1. Marketing gives you an edge over the competition.

Sometimes, even if you make the best food and have the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing restaurant on the block, your competitor still somehow gets more business. Take control of the situation by marketing your restaurant and making sure people in the area know about you!

  1. It can help improve your online presence.

Something as simple as marketing your restaurant by creating and updating a local business page on Google can help people find your restaurant easily and quickly.

  1. It can help increase your customer engagement.

People who only come into your restaurant sporadically may be encouraged to visit more often if they see posts or ads from you, reminding them of the delicious food and/or exciting seasonal dish that they could be eating if they were at your place!

  1. It helps people know what you offer.

Your restaurant may have a reputation for offering one type of food, when in reality you offer a wide variety of dishes. Marketing can help spread the word about all the items on your menu.

  1. It keeps your business in people’s minds.

You definitely don’t want your customers – regular or not – to forget about your restaurant in favor of some other place. Using marketing principles can keep your customers thinking about you.

  1. Increased awareness often means increased reviews.

The more people you have in your restaurant, the higher your odds are of receiving all-important online reviews.

  1. The more recognition you get, the lower your ad budget needs to be.

If you’re worried about advertising costs, know that marketing can reduce ad budgets by successfully drawing in a consistent customer base.

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