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Why Using Reachify Will Change Your Life

Eating isn’t seasonal, but there’s no doubt that dining out definitely can be. Some holidays encourage diners to go out, some encourage them to stay at home, and even that isn’t universal for every individual and family. In addition, time of day goes hand in hand with specific foods to create a micro-seasonality for some food businesses at various mealtimes. Sometimes orders go up unexpectedly, with reasons ranging from a surprising positive review from a food critic or influencer to a sudden closing from one of your competitors or even a power outage for many of your customers that prevents them from cooking at home. 

Even if the rise in orders is expected, because you offered a special promotion, ran a clever commercial, or arranged for live entertainment, you might not be ready for the influx due to staffing or other issues. Don’t go it alone. Keep the stress off yourself and your staff as much as possible by finding areas where you struggle and getting help immediately. It’s not a sign of weakness to admit you might need a bookkeeper, a new host/hostess, a CRM, a second chef, or even an automated restaurant phone system to handle all the phone calls you’re getting.

Yes, we are making a shameless plug here. Reachify is affordable and customizable for any size or style of restaurant, diner, café, bakery, food truck, and all other food businesses (and several non-food businesses, to be fair). Want to know how Reachify can help your business specifically? Sign up for a personalized demo with one of our account executives and let them show you how it will work for you.

Reachify’s automated system answers calls, helps customers, sends automatic text messages to online ordering, directions, or other customizable options, answers common questions, forwards calls to 3rd party delivery services, and so much more.

Using Reachify’s automated phone & call deflection services can help reduce dedicated phone staff by 40%, increase online actions by 80%, and save you countless hours every month. Your top-line revenue will increase, your customers will be happy they’re being helped, both on the phone and the ones waiting in line in person, and your entire staff will breathe a happy sigh of relief. 

But honestly, even if Reachify isn’t your solution, find something that can help with whatever issue you’re facing. Trying to “tough it out” isn’t worth it in the long run, and we want you to succeed!

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