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10 Restaurant Phone Facts You Need to Know

  1. The average restaurant receives 187 phone calls per day.

Whether your restaurant receives more phone calls or less, it’s easy to see how much time you and your staff spend on the phone. Many of these calls involve common questions like what your hours are, where to find directions, what your specials are, and how to order. 

  1. 43% of those calls go unanswered.

When your staff is busy and the lines are long, it’s nearly impossible to answer the phone. Many of your phone calls will go to voicemail, especially during peak meal times, and that, unfortunately, is when most people are trying to reach you.

  1. The average time spent on hold by a caller is 45 seconds.

45 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time, but it can really add up for employees who are also trying to take orders, make food, and feed hungry customers. Time spent on the phone is time not spent doing more important tasks!

  1. The average restaurant customer spends $50 per visit.

This number, of course, changes greatly based on menu items offered as well as what meal is being served. Fast casual customers may spend significantly less, so margins end up being small, especially as food vendors are increasing prices.

  1. The average tip is 15%.

Some people tip more, of course, and some people tip less. How are tips divided and shared? For servers and front-of-house employees who supplement their wages with tips, this is an important discussion point, so much as to influence whether they are long-term or short-term employees.

  1. 70% of restaurants do not have a phone system that can automatically answer or route calls.

When calls are going unanswered, they either go to voicemail or the caller simply hangs up; returning calls can be time-consuming and tedious, and you may miss orders from those who choose not to leave a message at all.

  1. 30% of diners say they would not return to a restaurant that did not answer their phone call.

It’s very important for callers to feel acknowledged and heard. They want answers to their questions and they want to place orders. Common questions can be answered by an automated system, and orders can easily be placed online, so why not take advantage of that?

  1. The most common complaint about restaurants is poor service.

A severely understaffed restaurant, even when current employees are hard-workers who always do their best jobs with a smile, can still create an atmosphere of poor service, if waiting customers are ignored in favor of the ringing phone, or the lines are too long.

  1. The second most common complaint about restaurants is food quality.

Make sure your menu shows high-quality food you know your customers like. Cutting corners in food preparation or adding cheap menu items no one wants to eat will never help your restaurant.

  1. The third most common complaint about restaurants is price.

Sometimes there isn’t a lot you can do about this in your restaurant, especially if you’re already being competitive on pricing and cutting already-thin margins down more than they are. Most customers do understand inflation and supply problems and will do their best to accommodate your needs, too, if you’re being honest with them.

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