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How Phone Automations Can Predict the Future

If you weren’t motivated to try restaurant phone automation before, you should be now; these automations can help you predict the future!

Okay, predicting the future is a bit of a stretch, but phone automations actually can give you valuable information you can use to make your business better. Here are seven ways automations can help:

  • Be better prepared using online reservations and orders.

Having your customers make reservations, schedule catering services, and place orders online lets you know in advance when you need certain meals prepped and ready to go. Anticipating orders of popular menu items can relieve stress on your staff during your busiest times.

  • Find out when your peak meal times are.

With automations, you can know what time people are calling you as well as when they are placing orders, when they are more likely to just ask a question like what your hours are or how to get directions. With this information, you can be better prepared with the proper amount of staff and supplies to meet demand.

  • Know what people are likely to order.

Encouraging online orders with your automations helps you know exactly what people are ordering, and this can give you two advantages. First, you’ll know what popular dishes to expect and when to expect them. Have your supplies and cooks ready when you need them! Second, you’ll know quickly if most people are changing some of your more popular menu items, and you may be able to weigh whether you want to make common changes a part of the menu item so those dishes are easier to order.

  • Determine what days of the week or holidays are busiest for you.

You may not think of your restaurant as “seasonal,” but you may have certain times of the year that are just a lot more popular than others. Perhaps weekends are when you have an influx of customers, or maybe it’s a specific weekday. Automation analytics can help you know the answer to that question. No more guessing will be necessary.

  • Forecast staffing needs.

Knowing when your peak meal times are, as well as what days of the week and year are busiest for you, helps you know when to schedule more or fewer staff members, so you won’t be caught unprepared.

  • Utilize knowledge of customer habits.

When people order on your website more, you can keep track of what they’re ordering and how often they do so. Armed with this information, it is easier to create customer loyalty programs or send promotions that would encourage customers to place orders.

  • Be ready for the future.

As technologies continue to evolve and advance, embracing automations in your business help you stay ahead of the curve and be ready for the next step. Implementing phone automation can actually help you ensure your restaurant stays competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of the food and beverage industry.

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