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5 Tips for Reducing Labor Costs in Your Restaurant

  1. Improve customer service and reduce labor costs with automated call handling

Restaurant owners know that staffing issues can arise during peak meal times, causing delays in answering phone calls and providing quality customer service. With Reachify’s automated call handling system, you can ensure that every call is answered promptly, reducing the need for additional staff and saving on labor costs.

  1. Streamline reservations and manage waitlists with ease

Managing reservations and waitlists can be time-consuming and chaotic, especially during busy hours. With Reachify’s restaurant phone system, you can efficiently handle reservations, send automated confirmations and reminders to customers, and easily manage your waitlist in real-time. This allows your staff to focus on providing excellent service instead of juggling phone calls. While your waitlist would be managed by another system, you can easily add an option to your Reachify callflow to have callers check. For example, “If you have joined a waitlist and would like to see your place in line, please press 3.”

  1. Never miss a potential customer with smart call routing

Missed calls mean missed opportunities for potential customers. With Reachify’s smart call routing feature, incoming calls are automatically redirected to available staff members or designated lines based on customizable settings. This ensures that every call is answered promptly by the right person, maximizing your chances of converting callers into satisfied customers.

  1. Analyze call data to optimize staffing levels

Understanding the busiest times for incoming calls can help you optimize your staffing levels accordingly. Reachify provides detailed analytics and reporting on call volume trends, peak hours, average wait times, and more. Armed with this information, you can adjust your staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage during high-call periods while avoiding overstaffing during slower times.

  1. Have an online presence

Your online presence is the key to your business in 2024. Whether you predominantly use an app, a website, or a social media page, it is absolutely crucial that people can see your menu, your hours of operation, and contact you using their smart phones and computers, even if your restaurant is a small-town mom and pop diner. When your business is online, people can get answers to most of the questions they have without interrupting staff. Get online and be found by more people! 


In summary, Reachify and other similar systems offer restaurant owners a comprehensive solution for optimizing their staffing needs while ensuring excellent customer service. By automating call handling, streamlining reservations, and providing valuable analytics, restaurant owners can focus on what they do best – delivering delicious food and exceptional dining experiences.


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