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Why Not All Phone Solutions Are the Same

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, every second counts. Long wait times can lead to angry customers and lost business. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your restaurant is running as smoothly as possible. Phones are a necessity; you have to be able to communicate with your customers. But if you’re looking for one, you may be faced with a lot of confusing or contradicting options. Should you just pick the cheapest? The one with the most features?

Unless you’re running a multi-location franchise with a lot of phone lines, you probably don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with the most expensive phone options, and choosing the cheapest option likely won’t give you everything you need.

Traditional restaurant phone systems can be cumbersome and time-consuming. They require a person to man the phones, and if it gets busy, it can be hard to staff that particular job. If you don’t have a dedicated staff member on phone duty, it can be an even bigger hassle; someone has to stop what they’re doing, deal with the phone call, wash their hands, and then get back to their regular job. This creates delays and frustration. An obvious solution is to get a phone system with some technology behind it, but how do you pick one?

Many automated phone solutions have similar basic features: phones are answered by a system instead of a staff member, which leaves your staff free to focus on food and in-person guests. However, that’s where a lot of the similarities end.

Reachify revolutionizes restaurant phone management. With customizable software that automates calls, this innovative solution not only saves time but also improves customer experience by providing instant information and reducing hold times. 

Like many others, Reachify’s system automatically answers your phone and presents your callers with a self-serve menu of options that you choose. Customers can then receive answers based on their selection; they may get hours of operation, a text message with directions or an ordering link, or even be forwarded to a third party if they need help with a delivery order.

So how is Reachify different?

Reachify’s software is constantly evolving, being updated to meet your needs better. Reachify is also fully compliant with government regulations to ensure text messages get sent without being blocked or marked as spam. Reachify’s self-service system allows you to update your menu whenever you want to, so you’re always in charge of the calls you’re receiving. It also blocks spam robo calls. Reachify’s system is affordable; it can pay for itself in one week. Reachify also seamlessly integrates with existing PoS systems and apps or websites. In addition, Reachify offers 5-star customer support and strong analytics so you can tell when your customers are calling and what they want most.

From missed call management to real-time analytics, a meeting with Reachify can help you discover why all phone solutions are not the same and how Reachify can revolutionize the way your restaurant’s communication system works. Upgrade your phone system today and watch your efficiency soar! Find out more here.

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