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5 Ways Mobile Technology Is Impacting the Fast Casual Restaurant Industry

Smartphones are here to stay. The vast majority of adults and teenagers in the United States have a smartphone with them all day, every day. It’s convenient for a lot of reasons, and there is ample reason for restaurateurs to take note. Here are just five ways restaurant owners can take advantage of the increase in mobile technology.

  1. Mobile ordering is on the rise! With mobile technology, customers can now order their food from their favorite fast casual restaurants without even stepping foot inside the establishment. This type of convenience is proving to be very popular, with mobile ordering growing by leaps and bounds each year. According to a study by the NPD Group, 37% of customers said they used their phone to place an order at a fast casual restaurant in the past year. This is true regardless of whether customers are getting takeout or delivery, and is only likely to increase.
  2. Restaurants are using mobile technology to offer loyalty programs. One way that fast casual restaurants are using mobile technology to stand out from the competition is by offering loyalty programs that can be accessed via smartphone. Customers can rack up rewards and enjoy exclusive discounts just for using their phone to order food, especially if they’re doing so regularly. This helps them feel satisfied with their discounts, and it also increases orders.
  3. Mobile payments are becoming more common. In addition to making it easier to order food, mobile technology is also changing the way customers pay for their meals. More and more establishments are now accepting mobile payments, which is making the restaurant experience even more convenient for customers. This can also help with those who want touchless interactions.
  4. Mobile menus are in use at a lot of establishments. Instead of being handed a menu and told about today’s specials, many patrons are directed to a QR code posted nearby or on the wall, which leads them to an online menu to select their meal. This is also a touchless interaction. It saves restaurants a lot of time and money.
  5. Customers are also using their phones to find restaurants. According to the same study by the NPD Group, 60% of customers said they used their phone to find a fast casual restaurant in the past year. And think about people visiting the area who are just looking for a place to eat delicious food; your restaurant needs to show up in those searches! This means that if your restaurant isn’t easily found on mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business. 


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