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8 Ways Automation Can Help Your Restaurant

Automation is everywhere these days. Improvements in technology can help make a lot of things easier in your daily activities in your restaurant. Here are just a few.

1. Streamline your phone system.
Automate your restaurant phone calls with Reachify to ensure that customers can easily navigate through menus and get the information they need without tying up your staff. This helps to increase orders and allows your staff more time for food prep and serving in-person guests..

2. Implement online ordering.
Offer convenient online ordering options for your customers. This is a must-have; many customers are now placing orders on their phones. Integrate online ordering directly into your website to increase efficiency and provide a seamless experience for customers. It also reduces errors and mistakes made while taking orders.

3. Utilize self-serve kiosks.
Cut down on wait times and streamline the ordering process by implementing self-serve kiosks in your restaurant. This decreases long lines during peak meal times and lets your staff focus on getting those orders prepared, which can also help increase top-of-line revenue.

4. Optimize inventory management.
Use restaurant automation software to manage inventory more efficiently. This will help you reduce waste and ensure that you always have the necessary ingredients on hand. The end result? Reduced costs combined with higher capacity for fulfilling more orders.

5. Automate scheduling.
Simplify employee scheduling by using automated scheduling systems. This saves time and reduces errors, ensuring that you always have enough staff scheduled during peak hours, and that you’re not over-scheduling staff during quieter times.

6. Integrate with delivery platforms.
If you offer delivery services, integrating with popular delivery platforms like Uber Eats or Grubhub can increase your potential customer base. Your customers are more likely to order from a third-party app than your own app, if you have one. This will streamline the process for both customers and staff, making it easier to manage orders and deliveries.

7. Embrace digital loyalty programs.
Move away from traditional punch cards and implement a digital loyalty program that automatically tracks customer purchases and rewards them accordingly. This will not only save time but also encourage customer retention. In addition, this helps you know what dishes are being sold and when, so you can better plan for serving them. Finally, it also helps with marketing efforts toward your customers.

8. Use data analytics to make informed decisions.
Leverage the power of data analytics provided by Reachify, your inventory management software, and other automation technologies to gain insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and employee performance. This information will help you make smarter business decisions and improve overall operations.

By implementing these restaurant automation tips, you can enhance efficiency, provide better customer experiences, and focus on what matters most – delivering delicious food to your patrons!

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