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Contrary To Popular Belief, AI Tech Solutions Are Not Replacing Restaurant Workers

Many people mistakenly believe that adding AI, technology, or automations to their restaurant is removing the human element and will eventually reduce the number of jobs available, which is the exact opposite of everything the hospitality industry stands for. However, this just isn’t true, and today, we’re going to tell you why.

First, human touch is not replaceable. Tech solutions like Reachify, at their core, aren’t really meant to replace people. They’re meant to supplement people. They offer a little assistance to stressed and overworked people. They alleviate some of the workload that hard-working people are under. Sometimes they do tasks that were previously done by people, but that is only so the people can focus on more important tasks for which automations may be ill-suited.

Second, AI solutions do some things better than people do, which not only makes the business more efficient, but also allows people to do what they do best while the AI does what it does best, and the customers receive the best service and food due to a happy combination of the two. For example, an automated system can re-order food automatically when inventory software levels are low, or measure an exact amount of ice cream for a sundae so the flavor combinations are perfect. Humans, while consistent, can rarely do a task in the exact same way every time they do it for hours during a shift. The staff, once relieved of the stressful burden of exactness, can focus more on what people want and need, and can be available when those needs are happening.

Third, complex decision-making requires human involvement. AI systems are extremely smart, and getting smarter every day, but human intuition is not something that can be replaced by technology. A robot will never be able to look at a customer’s facial expression and know instinctively if that person needs a drink refill, or dessert, or the check. In the same vein, robots will never fully appreciate the satisfied smile a customer gives when leaving after a delicious meal.

The food industry was built on human service, and that is where it will remain. Everything satisfying about working in and/or owning a restaurant is the same as it always has been. Automation and technology solutions are just ways you can get there with a little less stress and misery.

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