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Why is the Cost of a Missed Call Harmful to Businesses?

cost of missed calls

In the modern age of technology, where communication relies heavily on the internet and telephone, it is crucial that as a company you provide your customers with the most efficient way of contacting you.

Customer service relies heavily not only on personal interaction but also on the speed and ease of making contact with a company. Not being able to reach a company is one of the most frustrating things one can encounter.

Regardless of if it’s being held on hold listening to music, sent to an answerphone service, or in some cases outright disconnected, it is a huge irritation from anyone trying to contact a company.

Do you understand the trust cost of a missed call to your company?

reachify factThe first and most obvious point has to be that fewer calls result in fewer leads, which results in fewer sales.  When you consider the number of calls your company is missing per year, what you should be considering are the number of missed sales.  Sales which over some time can mount up into some high numbers of lost revenue.

Of course, sales are not the only reason clients want to make contact with a company, be it customers trying to complain, to colleagues, co-workers, and others in the field trying to make contact, it is equally as frustrating to reach a phone which rings off.

A dissatisfied customer unable to complain immediately becomes an even more dissatisfied customer if they can not even reach customer services to address their issue. These points are often missed when analyzing the real cost of a missed call.  When trying to bring down the cost of a missed call, the obvious answer is to reduce the number of calls being missed.

Alternately a more perfect solution would be to fully eliminate the chances of a missed call ever again. While all businesses in many genres are susceptible to suffering the cost of a missed call, for some businesses the consequences can be worse than others. In many cases, small details like the cost of a missed call can be the making or breaking of a company.

It is therefore important to consider reasons companies are still missing calls when the cost for a missed call can be so high.

Reasons For a Missed Call

reasons for missed callsIt seems the main reasons for missing a call can be narrowed down to not having enough staff on to take the call volume, customers not being willing to wait the wait time, or calls being missed in hours where the business isn’t open.

All these missed calls are as important as the calls being taken daily, and with the cost of missed calls growing daily, the need to address the issue becomes more imperative.  While these statistics make for interesting reading, they’re also a harsh reminder about the impact of missed calls on a company.

Naturally, the real cost of a missed call doesn’t stop at direct sales and leads.  It’s important to remember that for every dissatisfied customer, who has disconnected their call, they will share their experience with those around them.

It’s a common known fact that people are far more ready to share their negative experiences when calling companies than to share positive recommendations as a result of a good call.  It’s therefore always important to make sure that avoiding missed calls becomes an absolute priority for any successful business.

online customer serviceAddressing the reason why most customers hang up is an important part of determining the solution to avoiding the cost of missed calls.

Customers will hang up for several reasons, including being kept for too long, being passed to the wrong department, being faced with an answerphone, or having to listen to the ring tone for an extended period.

It is likely that when the customer hangs up, the first thing they reach for is a competitor’s number.  This is generally done through impatience and frustration and is a huge cost of missed calls.  By missing a call in such a manner,  it has potentially missed your company, a lifelong customer, who has now called and connected with a competitor business.

Why Customers Lose Faith in a Business Due to Missed Calls

lady missed her callThe cost of missed calls on a new business can be as tremendous as that of a long-standing business with a well built up reputation.

When customers can’t connect with a business, it is often interpreted as a red flag and a lack of professionalism. With a simple solution to help reduce the number of missed calls, it seems nonsensical that any company would risk absorbing the risk of missed calls to their well earned and worked for the business.

Studies show that 50% of companies suffer the cost of missed calls and within that number a great percentage have room to rectify the situation, and rapidly decrease the cost of missed calls to their company.

When you consider the true cost of missed calls to your business, it becomes quickly apparent that it can be a malignant threat to the company’s success. The company stands to lose potential sales opportunities while converting loyal customers into dissatisfied frustrated ones.

Missing calls also always have the strong potential to lose a customer or client which has already cost a business time and investment.  The reality is that companies who are absorbing the cost of missed calls, are doing themselves an easily rectifiable disservice.

The Reachify Service

"did you know" factImagine a solution that could take care of every potentially missed call. No more worry about missing clients, gone are the days of frustrated callers unable to get through, and more importantly, gone are the instances of missed sales, and broken leads; the solution is Reachify.

By using Reachify’s missed call system, you will ensure your business never misses another call. Reachify is the perfect tool to enable constant and monitored communication and seamless running of your phone service while ensuring that missed calls are a thing of the past.

With 50% of businesses in the current market place is shown to miss calls, Reachify is the answer to retaining sales. As well as answering customer calls, ensuring smooth transactions, and most of all, taking care that another customer is never left dissatisfied as the result of a missed call ever again.

lady assisting customer onlineWith such a simple issue causing such huge implications on business, both in the day to day running, and the financial implications, it’s difficult to consider how any business wouldn’t benefit from Reacify’s system.

In an age where telecommunications is at its most powerful to date mode of contact, it should be of proportionate importance to ensure that any system in place is running at maximum capacity.

A system where calls are being missed, and the cost of missed calls being continuously sustained by a business, is not a maximum capacity system. Let Reachify correct that for you today, with a cost-effective and simple solution, to a potentially infinite problem.

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