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How Do You Promote a Restaurant Grand Opening?

Once you’ve got your restaurant idea, menu, location, and equipment set up, opening up is the next big step. Making sure everyone knows about your grand opening can be daunting. Here are some pointers for how to make the day work.

  1. Social media buzz – Creating a digital presence to build anticipation

Social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting a restaurant grand opening (as well as promotions, limited time offers, and specials later on!). Create visually appealing posts and engage with potential customers by posting sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive offers. Utilize popular hashtags, collaborate with influencers, and run targeted ads to generate buzz and increase brand awareness. Instagram is a good idea, but you’ll definitely want to try TikTok – it’s a popular must-have for restaurants!

  1. Grand opening event – Creating a memorable experience for guests

Hosting a grand opening event can be an effective way to create hype and attract attention from potential customers. Plan an exciting launch party with live music, guest chefs, or unique entertainment options that align with your restaurant’s theme or cuisine. Offer complimentary samples of signature dishes or host a contest/giveaway to keep guests engaged and leave them wanting more.

  1. Local press coverage – Getting the word out through traditional media channels

Contact local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV channels to inform them about your upcoming grand opening. Craft an interesting press release highlighting what makes your restaurant unique and newsworthy. Invite journalists/bloggers for a preview tasting or provide them with exclusive access that they can share through their respective outlets.

  1. Advertise – Pay upfront to get immediate attention

Pick the medium where your target audience is likely to be found. Whether you’re advertising in a local newspaper, television station, radio, or online, advertising is a good way to get attention fast, and that’s something you’re going to want during your grand opening event. No matter how you get people’s attention, you can keep them coming back with your great food and amazing customer experience! 

  1. Influencers – Find a local influencer to promote your restaurant

A well-known local influencer can help draw people into your restaurant from day one, especially if they’re at your grand opening in addition to having posted about it on their social media account. Not only that, the popular attention from the influencer can last well after their post, as people may see the post late and still want to check out your new restaurant even after your grand opening has already occurred.


Remember that promoting a restaurant grand opening is an ongoing process, even after the initial launch. Stay active on social media, continue engaging with the community, monitor and respond to online reviews, and consistently deliver an exceptional dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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