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How to Promote Sales at Your Restaurant

You’ve decided to have a sale, special, or promotion at your restaurant. If you’re new to the business, you may not yet be sure what the best way is to get the word out. Of course, ideally, once you have established your business, you’ll know your customers generally and already be aware of the best way to let them know it’s happening. 

First, let people know your promotion has arrived!

That is, of course, easier said than done, but getting the word out is absolutely the most important part of having a promotion of any kind.

  • Website

Make note of promotions prominently on your website, where it’s easy to find them. Put them on your online menu and on your home page. Even if they’re regular – today’s or a weekly special – they should be noted.

  • Social Media

Post promotions on your social media sites. Facebook, Instagram – whatever you use most in your business, that’s where your promotions need to be.

  • Google

If your promotions aren’t regular, and are seasonal or holiday-related, it is a good idea to make sure your business profile is on major search engines like Google and Bing, and then add a promotion or sales event to that profile page. The word spreads faster that way, and if people look for your business or similar restaurants online, it is more likely that they will be seen.

  • Reachify

If you use Reachify already, you can set up a promotional text message to be sent to callers who choose to receive one. This can include a special or even a coupon code for ordering online.

Offline, there are also places you should be sure to make note of promotions.

  • Bulletins

People might be drawn into your place of business by what they see from the street. If you place a bulletin board, easel, or other display outside your door, put your specials on them. You may also be interested in hanging something in or from one of your restaurant windows.

  • Menus or flyers

Your promotions should be easily visible inside your restaurant. Whether on a table tent or on the menu itself, all guests should know immediately what your current promotions are.

  • Traditional Media

Depending on both your location and the type of establishment you are running, a traditional ad might be helpful to you. A radio spot, television commercial, billboard, newspaper flyer or magazine page could hit your audience just right. Keep in mind that traditional media usually require a longer runtime. It takes people time to come across your ad, react, and then decide to visit your business. It isn’t usually as much of an impulse decision as seeing a post on their phone and then deciding to eat at your place in an hour.

Second, don’t be passive about your promotion.

Putting up signs, creating flyers, and adding a picture to your website is good and all, but you can’t hope everyone will notice something has changed. Make sure your staff is actively letting customers know about the promotion whenever they interact, when they enter, at the table, in line, or on the phone.

As with most business advice, not all of it will apply to your business at any given time, so do your best and find ways that work for you!

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