Business text messaging using your existing landline

Reach your customers faster and on the medium they prefer and have real conversations that build relationships. With Reachify’s two-way secure text messaging you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using your existing landline phone number. Lower call volumes, attract more customers, improve retention and better engage with your customers.

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Speed up communication.

Reach More Customers Faster

We make it as simple as possible to send and receive text messages with your customers, assign text messages to team members, and help you expand your business even further with more reach.  

Make it memorable.

Personalize Your Communication

Increase engagement by utilizing a platform customers use every day. An Emoji keyboard and MMS messaging allow you to engage in conversational texting – boosting loyalty and improving customer retention.

Know the past.

Messaging History

Integration with your existing business management software ensures you know instantly which of your existing customers is contacting you or if the message is coming for a potential new customer. Our centralized customer communication history ensures you can see all past communication with each customer.

Stay Safe.

Communicate with Customers Securely

Our secure messaging capabilities allows you to safely share data of any kind – financial information, lab results, diagnoses and more. All accessed from any device.

Connect Better With Your Customers

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