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Why You Need To Update Your Restaurant Technology

Upgrading, changing, or adding some kind of technology solution to your restaurant can be difficult. What if it doesn’t fill all your needs? What if it ends up not working down the road? What if your employees or customers hate it? What if it costs too much? How often does it break down or have interruptions?

These are, of course, completely reasonable questions, often with no real way to find reliable answers until you’ve tried the software or hardware. And what works for some places might not work for others. Some people limp along poorly-performing technologies just to avoid the trial-and-error that comes with new systems. 

It is definitely worth upgrading! Newer systems are often better in many ways, simpler for customers to get used to, and, in many cases, cheaper. They are less prone to breaking down or glitching, and some systems now offer multiple functions, so you can combine technologies and worry about them less.

Here are 5 reasons you should upgrade to the latest restaurant technology software:

  1. Newer systems are usually faster.

Running credit cards, calculating tips, getting food inventory levels, and making schedules are all much faster with software than they would be if done manually, and that trend holds true for newer systems, too. Generally speaking, the newer the system, the faster it runs, so you can get your customers through the line faster, distribute checks faster, and experience fewer delays in everything you do in your restaurant.

  1. Newer systems are usually less complicated.

This seems counterintuitive; how could a newer, shinier, more impressive system be easier? Well, newer systems are usually made to integrate more seamlessly with a system you already have, like your POS system, an app on your phone, scheduling software, Quickbooks, or countless others. 

  1. There is usually a shorter learning curve for newer systems.

As a continuation of the previous point, newer systems are often easier to learn. They use more universal icons and features, so figuring out how to navigate them is often quicker, too. And if the learning curve just seems too steep, newer systems are often accompanied by online tutorials and training videos that can help you. In addition, 

  1. Newer systems integrate better with other systems.

It’s much easier for your current payment system or scheduling software to create integrations for new software than older systems, so it’s a lot more likely to be an easy and seamless setup than if you need tech support to create a custom integration just for you. That can also get very expensive very quickly.

  1. Newer systems can save you money.

If you find that your maintenance bill is racking up, or that you are spending a lot of time on the phone with tech support, it’s time to upgrade. The latest technologies usually don’t break down as much or have as many interruptions, and they’re cheaper to maintain. If you’re worried about privacy and security, newer systems are also more secure.


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