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What is the Difference Between SMS and MMS?

Do you know these two text marketing acronyms? Although you probably send messages frequently, you may not tell the difference between the two. With different text messaging apps available on iPhone and Android, you have used them in at least one way. In this article, we explain the difference in functionality between these SMS and […]

Why Use Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing (aka, SMS marketing) can be a great avenue for businesses to improve communications and marketing with customers. According to Salesforce, the use of SMS marketing grew by 197% in B2B communications between 2015 and 2017. Proving to be not as saturated as other marketing channels, SMS marketing is becoming increasingly used in […]

Why Automated Customer Communications is Best For Businesses

With advancements in technologies, the business industry has experienced a significant revolution. As the consumers around the world are moving towards smartphones and tablets, businesses can also find plenty of channels to stay connected to the target audience. People find it easier to scroll over their tiny handsets to get the latest updates from social […]

How a Text Messaging Service for Business Reduces Costs

Texting is a fast, effective, personable way to manage communications with your consumer base. While the method is quick and direct, it is also one of the most enduring forms of managing customer relations. Texting has a much higher open rate than emailing, for example, and produces highly consistent results in terms of conversions and […]