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How Can California Restaurants Adapt to the New Fast-Food Bill?

Finding and keeping staff is hard in the entire restaurant industry right now. Owners and managers are looking for any solutions they have to a shortage of employees in both front- and back-of-house. An increase of wages is going to further complicate things.

Short of closing your doors or doubling your prices to keep up with the increased wages, it can be hard to find a happy medium that will let you keep doing what you love at a reasonable price for your customers. 

And, of course, this isn’t just limited to California and the new bill recently signed into law. It is likely that other states, who have been mulling similar legislation, will follow on California’s heels.

Are there any solutions that can help?

Well, before this bill, there had already been strong innovation in restaurant technology to adapt to staffing concerns, due to both Covid-driven and other factors – solutions to allow guests to self-order for dine-in, to alleviate phone call volume, and more.

If, like so many others, your restaurant is understaffed and still busy, Reachify is perfect for you. It’s like having an extra employee whose entire job is just to answer phones, leaving your actual staff available to help in-person guests with taking orders, making and delivering food, and handling other important roles. Freed from phone calls, employees can focus on the people and tasks right in front of them. Even better, while those employees will be available for your in-person guests, your phone calls will not be going unserviced. All of those callers will still get the help they need and want.

Reachify can automatically handle several important roles on its own. The robust platform is highly customizable so you can set it up to take care of multiple tasks. Actually answering the phone is just the tip of the iceberg for Reachify; our system can direct callers to online ordering, menus, reservations, and catering, plus send driving directions, forward questions for third-party delivery services, and so much more. Send text message straight to your callers on request, increase your online orders, and prepare for each mealtime rush without worrying about phone interruptions.

Want to know how Reachify can help you achieve your restaurant goals, save you hundreds of dollars each month in labor costs, and keep things running smoothly for you? Contact us.

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